Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Maryland My Love

My new dress!!! I made it with grandma a few days before I left. I loved it!!

I finally got to show Mike how beautiful the D.C. temple is in person. I also got my gold door picture so I am satisfied.

The morning before the wedding we went to the Richard's house and borrowed bikes to go down to great falls. It was beautiful and the water was so high because of all the rain.

China town in D.C. 
We grabbed dinner at Potbelly's just down the street. It was amazing. The oreo shake was the best thing. They even give you cute little cookies on top

Botanical Garden in D.C.

Mike's first trip to the east coast was such a success. We hit as many things as we could in the short time that we were there. He loved it and it was so great to show him where I grew up.
More pictures to come later. I just really struggle with keeping my blog up to date. So I hope this makes up for awhile.


Mike and Sara said...

i LOVE that dress. soooo old hollywood awesome.

Angie said...

I just love seeing your outfits in all the pictures! So cute, so stylish. I only wish I had such a wardrobe. And also that dress you made is perfect! Love it!

Steve and Dayna said...


ok but WAIT. HOLD UP. you didn't tell me you made that dress!!!! i told you i loved it and totally assumed you bought it from somewhere really nice (cause it looks like it!). i am SO SO impressed. will you help me make a cute dress? that is.... when i no longer have a huge bulging belly.